Guard Your Privacy

Say goodbye to privacy leak! We offer you private numbers to enjoy the Internet safely, no matter in a dating or a real estate website.

Pay as You Go

No monthly bills at all. Just pay for the SMS you actually receive. The price can be as low as $0.10/piece, and $0.30 is given away, once you join us with the account verified.


Our private numbers are able to handle tons of websites around the world. We offer 7-day money back guarantee.

API Supported

We have prepared well-designed APIs for geeks who are willing to leave their hands free.

How? - Easier Than Easy

Pricing - User Upgrade Program

The more SMS you receive, the better discount you will get!

  • Silver User
  • Top up successfully, and Yay! You will become our Silver User right away. You can enjoy 10% discount while using private numbers!
  • 10% off!
  • Hold 3 numbers at the same time
  • Can get 100 SMS/24hrs
  • Top-up via PayPal needs review
  • Ticket support
  • Gold User
  • Become the Gold User, once the total amount of your successful top-ups is no less than US$20.00 and receive at least 20 SMS.
  • 15% off!
  • Hold 20 numbers at the same time
  • Can get 500 SMS/24hrs
  • Top-up via PayPal needs review
  • Ticket and email support
  • Platinum User
  • If you have deposited at least US$100.00 and received as many as 100 SMS, we will treat you as our precious Platinum User.
  • 20% off
  • Hold 50 numbers at the same time
  • Can get 1000 SMS/24hrs
  • Top-up requires NO REVIEW
  • Ticket, email and Skype support
  • Ultimate User
  • Deposit at least $500 (all-time) and use more than 999 numbers, you will be kindly upgraded to the Ultimate User plan and enjoy the incredible discount.
  • 50% off!
  • Hold 100 numbers at the same time
  • Unlimited SMS!
  • Top-up requires NO REVIEW
  • Ticket/email/Skype/phone support!

* The term "concurrent numbers" indicates the maximum count of numbers you can hold at the same time; the term "SMS/day" means the maximum count of SMS you can receive during the last 24hrs; a top-up is regarded as successful, if and only if the credit hits the account.

Contact Us

Please open a ticket whenever you have a question in using our services,
and feel free to leave us feedbacks!

SKYPE: hidemynumbers

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